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The Roots Workshop is the foundation of our business, one we’ve built our 5-star reputation on. With three highly qualified, experienced mechanics who care about your bike and your cycling experience, you’re in safe hands.

Our workshop is bespoke, precise and thorough, and you’ll feel this with every turn of your wheels.

We are here to help, and never too busy to fix a puncture. Call in to see us today.

Bike Service

With exceptional attention to detail, each bike is assessed individually, discussed in detail with the customer, and then serviced with skill, precision, and care. No two services are the same, as no two bikes are the same. Therefore, the Roots team works collaboratively with each customer to ensure the right level of work is done at an agreed budget and timeframe.

As a guide, our service levels and pricing are:

Safety & General Check Up


Level 1 Service

prices start at


(excluding parts)

Level 2 Service

prices start at


(excluding parts)

How We Work

To help you plan your service booking with us, here’s a quick guide to how we work:

  1. Contact Roots to book a service slot (please leave plenty of time if your service is for an event or specific date, we recommend 4-6 weeks in advance).
  2. All bikes are taken in on a Saturday or Monday. We will then assess your bike with you and discuss how much servicing your bike requires.
  3. Level of service, parts and approximate costs are agreed with you.
  4. We aim to complete services by the weekend, but this depends on the amount of work required and delivery timescales for parts.
  5. Re-unite yourself with your perfectly serviced machine. You’re ready to go!


Not sure what your bike needs? Come in and see us for a bike assessment and we can talk you through the servicing or repairs that are required.

Repairs and More

In addition to servicing, our workshop offers many different repairs and small jobs including:


We have the machinery and knowledge to build you the ideal set of wheels. 

Call us to discuss your rim, hub and spoke choice and we’ll do the building.

Wheel Builds Workshop phot of a bike wheel
Roots Workshop Bespoke Builds, mechanic building a new bike

Bespoke Builds

Choice in the market is vast. Bikes of all shapes, sizes, colours, parts, budgets and more are available.

For a bike as individual as you are, Roots is your first port of call. 

Call us to discuss your dream bike and we’ll help you make it happen – we can assist in sourcing parts, we’ll build the bike to your specifications and get you rolling.

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