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Mrs Roots rides… an electric bike…

Mrs Roots

When Mr Roots announced that he’d bought a demo ebike for the bike shop, that happened to be in my size and could be ‘my bike’, I wasn’t sure what to think. Should I be a bit insulted? Was I that unfit that I couldn’t push the pedals unassisted? And aren’t ebikes really heavy and cumbersome? I wasn’t that chuffed but thought I’d better give it a go.

So last week, me and my Trek Powerfly 5 EMTB went a bike ride with Mr Roots. We decided we’d ride up to the Doune Windfarm, a regular haunt for Mr Roots. He was keen for me to experience it and see the views. Taking the ebike out, the first thing that struck me was that it’s a nice-looking bike and doesn’t scream ebike. It also was easy to manoeuvre; yes it’s heavier than a standard mountain bike, but it wasn’t difficult to move about. After some quick instructions on how to use the power (4 levels – Eco, Tour, EMTB and Turbo, or you can ride without any assistance) I was off. It’s a very smooth, comfortable bike to ride and the power, which I was so reluctant to use, is amazing! Because it has the differing levels of power, you use what suits your needs. Or, you go to turbo on the steepest part of the ride and fly past Mr Roots (sweat lashing down his face), huge grin on my face! ebikes are FUN!

I’d read about the #ebikesmile and now I have my very own! In short, I love my ebike. It gets me up hills that I wouldn’t be able to pedal up without it being a miserable slog; it’s therefore allowed me to see views I’d only seen in Mr Roots’ photos; it lets me play and it definitely makes me smile. As the Powerfly is a mountain bike it has big knobbly tyres and a suspension fork, but you still roll easily because of the power-assisted peddling. It handles very well and feels light to ride. When I had the power on, I couldn’t believe how light my feet were on the pedals and yet I was still moving up a steep hill, unconcerned about accidentally stopping or rolling backwards! I did have to adjust my cycling wardrobe (there’s a separate blog I need to write) in that I needed an extra layer on to keep warm. I’d also like to treat myself to a Bontrager wavecel helmet as these have the latest tech for keeping your brain safe whilst riding at speed.

If you’re like I was, unsure about whether an ebike is for you, come in and see us and have a go on my bike (yes, I’ll let you borrow it for a short time!). To make ebikes even more attractive, the Energy Saving Trust are currently offering an interest free, 4-year loan of up to £6,000 to buy your own. That #ebikesmile is set to grow and grow!

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