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Happy 5th Birthday Roots!

Roots Cycles 5th Birthday

Until 1st March 2019, we’d taken the expression, ‘home-grown business’ literally. This special date signifies the move from our small garage to our first commercial premises at the Old Putty Yard, in Doune. For Roots Cycles, it was the start of an amazing journey. Let’s just say, it is our Tour de France. 21 stages to negotiate! The trepidation was palpable, nerves, excitement, and doubt were there. Why are we doing this. Why not. We can do this. Can we?

Our 5th birthday is of course a time to celebrate, but also a time to reflect.

The past five years have given us confidence to embark on the next stage. As we all know, however, the industry is tough and there are certainly many highs and many lows. We love bikes though, and we look forward to whatever lies ahead.

Our most recent offering is a shiny new website, which goes live on 1st March 2024. RootsCycles.co.uk offers lots of information about our services, the workshop, the team, products and news.

One important section highlights our partners, and who we collaborate with, ensuring as many people as possible get pedalling. 

For Roots, do we want to win the yellow jersey? Yes, it would be nice. But, we are realistic. We are a small, family-run business. We love bikes, it’s as simple as that. From £35 bike checks to £10,000 custom-fits, we are here to help.

For Roots, most importantly, we want to be part of the peloton. We want the fun, the expectation, the anticipation, the excitement, and the camaraderie. We want to achieve our own success with like-minded and passionate people. Our Tour de France is as much about the view, as it is about the event. With two wonderful children and a busy life, we know that the yellow jersey might have to take second place. However, we are going to embrace all 21 stages!

To finish. Roots Cycles is based on two things. People and bikes. It is estimated that 12 million spectators watch the Tour de France. What a buzz the peloton must get as they are cheered. We want to say a big thank you to our spectators. We could not have done this without you cheering us on. We must also thank our incredible teammates. There is no ‘I’ in team and we could not do this without you. And, thanks to the bikes (Trek and Orange, in particular). There is nothing but positivity surrounding the bike – health, fitness, laughter, effort, challenge, resilience, the outdoors, and many others. We’re so happy to be a small part of that. Happy Birthday, Roots.

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