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Bike Fitting

“To move freely one must be deeply rooted” – so true!

A bike fit will ensure that your cycling position and bike setup is optimised, allowing you to get the most out of your bike and be comfortable at the same time. 

We work with customers of all levels. We help athletes unlock more potential watts; commuters find comfort; and beginners find confidence. We’ve also had great success with riders who have injuries or disabilities, or who have had physically life-altering events. Since their bike fits, these customers have managed to get back in the saddle or ride without pain.

We’re trained in Trek Precision Fit Levels 1 & 2 and use motion capture technology and a fitting jig to give a precise fit. We work with all brands of bikes in our fitting studio and will set these up to your bespoke fit.

A bike fit really does make all the difference.

We’re so sure of this, that we offer a FREE 1-hour bike fit with every drop-handle bike we sell. We also offer a ‘Fit First’ bike fit before you order a new bike to ensure the correct size is ordered.

If you’d like to learn more, please do call us to discuss your needs
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Roots Deeply Rooted


*Price determined by the individual’s specific requirements.

Evaluation Bike Fit


1.5 Hours

Level 1 Bike Fit



2-3 Hours

Level 2 Bike Fit



3+ Hours

M-Power Physiotherapy & Pilates is our trusted partner whom we refer customers to and vice versa.

Mairi has 10 years of experience across NHS, professional and semi-professional sports and private practice.

As a keen cyclist, Mairi knows both bikes and bodies well and can create a bespoke plan for you. To contact Mairi or learn more about what she does, please see her website: https://mpowerphysio.com

MPower Physio

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